About: Research

CassStudio6 is a student led research blog collating information about the architecture of Theatre and the urban context of King’s Cross in London.

Year of research : 2012

1. Forms & types of theatre  
History of theatre
Forms of theatre-Tragic, comic drama, shadow
Stage craft – who what when how
Forms of stage – Proscenium, thrust theatre in the round
Stage lighting
2. KGX  Maps large and small scale  
The KX rail network
Historical development
Cultural demography
Planning development, local Frameworks, Conservation, Legacy, Heritage, Section 106s …
Urban context
3. KGX Elevations, plans sections  
Three section – through the site cutting the rail line
Elevations of the ‘crevasse’ & exterior of the island site
Plan showing schematic ground floor plan of whole site
Site buildings, hospital, gallery, office, residential, retail, parking, transportation, other
4. KGX Technology  
Existing structures construction and materials.
Depths of foundations
Noise surveys
5. KGX facts and fiction  
Events, rituals, ceremonies
News paper articles
Stories, myths and legends
Historic  films Hollywood and docudrama

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