The Bloomsbury Theatre


Located on Gordon Street, The Bloomsbury Theatre situated in the London Borough of Camden, owned by University College London, is a spacious theatre with the seating capacity of 535. It offers a variety of programs including music, drama, comedy and dance. It also hosts student productions for 12 weeks yearly.

The title The Bloomsbury Theatre was officially built and opened in 1968 as The Central Collegiate Building auditorium. The Design and Construction of the building was by James Cubbit and Partners, Fello Atkinson and architect Dr Richard Southern. Then in 1987 interior designer Gerald Scarfe redesigned the main entrance and seating. The building was changed from The Central Collegiate Building auditorium to The Collegiate Theatre. It was renamed in 1982 as The Bloomsbury Theatre to reflect its geographical location as well as the artistic associations of the name. Then Between 2001 and 2008, the theatre was known as The UCL Bloomsbury, to emphasize links with UCL.

From 2001, the theatre provided a residency for the New London Orchestra. Every Christmas, Robin Ince plays host to his Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People, a festival of science, music and comedy. Amongst the many other artists who have performed at the theatre are; UCL alumnus Ricky Gervais has performed two of his standup shows in the theatre.

bloomsbury-theatre                  8052428-stageroom02-250-web

With its relaxed atmosphere and stunning auditorium the theatre has gained a reputation in a number of fields over its lifetime, from small scale opera work to innovative stand-up comedy. Today the Bloomsbury Theatre’s program challenges the limitations of its West End neighbors, with as many as 20 different companies and events to see in one month.

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